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Why Start Your AIAA?

There has never been a more crucial time to help business owners start integrating AI solutions into their daily lives. It’s only matter of time before every business in the world is using AI in some way, make sure you are the one leading them.

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How To Start Your Own AIAA?

Starting your own AI automation agency with The Network involves:


Engage with the community, take part in our live classes, speak with others in the Network.


Learn from others around you and the resources that are available for all members.


Take your learnings and execute on everything you learn inside The Network.

If you follow these 3 simple steps, your journey building an AIAA and landing your first clients is made simple.

I created The Network because I wish I had a community like this when I was first starting out, somewhere to ask questions and get immediate support, somewhere I could engage with people that were already at the level I was trying to get to!

Here's what's you get inside
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Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get access to once you sign up for The Network.


Become a master of sales and start closing more clients with direct access to our expert sales team.

AI Agents

Get the answers to all of your questions 24/7 with our AI mentors


Expand your network and build relationships that drive you towards your goals in life.

Weekly Masterclasses

Get guidance from experts and agency owners live in our masterclasses, that cover everything you need.

80+ HRS

All previous Q&A’s with Liam and his team has been recorded and is accessible on demand.


Fast track your agency, start delivering for your clients tomorrow with our agency templates.

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